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What an amazing event and awards evening. Seamless use of technology all day long! Who would have thought that we could deliver the event virtually? Congratulations and well done to everyone at Awards International.

Stewart Pattinson, Director, Purple Cat

Transformation and Growth

The International Digital Experience Awards is back to celebrate success in the field of digital experience.

Businesses have faced the most significant shift in the consumer landscape in decades, as ever-more customers move towards digital as their main touchpoint.

Now is the time for companies to display innovation and best practise excellence, as millions more customers establish themselves as digital-first consumers.

These awards will champion organisations on their digital transformation journey, and reward those initiatives, strategies, teams and individuals that have powered this vital change during 2020 and into 2021.

We will recognise those who have achieved amazing results over this past year from the use of out-of-the-box or bespoke software

This is an Awards International event and will be a LIVE Online digital experience from start to finish.

Taking place on March 9th, the International DXA® final will see shortlisted companies present their initiatives to a judging panel of digital and customer experience professionals.

The winners of this year’s 20 categories will be revealed at the awards ceremony on March 9th, along with the Overall Winner with the highest score.

Explore our website for more details.

Winners 2021

What an amazing time I had as part of the judging panel. Thanks a lot to the entire team for your professional and continuous support. It was my first time attending such of a big event in a digital environment and I must say that at times I even forgot that we were not all together under the same roof. Well done!

Marius Ghios, Customer Experience Manager, Philip Morris International

How to Enter

Entering the DXA® couldn’t be easier.

In just a few simple steps you can get your journey to achieving the ultimate accolade in digital experience underway.

Step 1   Choose a category or categories

Select from a total of 20 categories divided into four distinct groupings: Digital, Marketing, Industry Heroes and Digital Heroes. In these categories, you’ll find a platform to promote your business and its achievements, and you may enter as many categories as you wish. You may also submit the same entry across multiple categories.
Early Bird Entry Deadline October 28 Register for 2022

Step 2   Complete the details of your business and the entry

We need certain details to ensure we have an accurate record of who is making the entry and give you the option to add others to receive information. It’s often much quicker if you can pay by card, but we also have the option of invoicing if required.
Entry Deadline December 2 Register for 2022

Step 3   Complete and submit your entry form

Your entry form counts for 50 percent of your final score and is your first chance to make a lasting impression on our judges. You can access your entry form after signing up to enter.

That’s it! Once your entry is submitted, it’s up to our judging panel to score and shortlist the finalists who will present their entries live before judges on the day of the final. Finalists Announced December 16 Log In

The shortlist of finalists will be announced on December 16 . If you are among them, you can follow the final steps towards winning…

Step 4   Prepare and present

Your team will be allocated a slot to present your entry live to the judging panel at the final on March 9th.

The presentation counts for the remaining 50 per cent of your score, so this is your chance to really impress judges and answer any questions they may have regarding your entry in a short Q&A session immediately afterwards.

You can also opt to have an open presentation to showcase your company’s digital excellence, allowing fellow finalists and other delegates to view the session.
Awards Final March 9 Log In

Step 5   Attend the LIVE Online awards ceremony

In the afternoon following the presentations, we will gather for a spectacular awards ceremony from our DXA® studios, hosted by a very special guest.

The award ceremony will provide lots of opportunities to meet fellow judges or finalists, and each category winner will be revealed. In the end, we will crown the 2021 Overall Winner – the category winner with the highest score.

For further information on the entry process, or to answer any other questions you may have, you can contact your Awards International consultant, Stefan Raicevic on +4420 8638 7027, or by emailing stefan.r@awardsinternational.com.
Awards Ceremony March 9 Register for 2022

Winners 2021

Thank you for such comprehensive feedback! We take on board the judges’ comments regarding our focus on sales and we will look to see how we can improve for possible future award entries. It’s given us some real food for thought and we very much appreciate the time and effort that went into giving us this honest feedback.

Catherine Rees, PR & Comms Director, Ripe Thinking Ltd

DXA® Final and Ceremony

The 2021 International Digital Experience Awards final will take place on March 9th. Presentations held in the morning and early afternoon, The awards ceremony will take place on March 9th. Along with being an awards event, the International DXA® is a conference for all professionals with an interest in digital customer experience.

Many presentations by finalists will be open for guests to view, allowing an exclusive front-row view into the digital experience initiatives transforming the fortunes of some of the world’s leading companies.

On March 9th the International DXA® will also feature the FutureOfDigital presentations and panel discussion, featuring guest speakers covering a range of topics.

These will include the latest technology used by DX-driven companies, digital experience roadmaps, and much more.

The awards ceremony, meanwhile, will see guests gather for a LIVE Online event led by a very special guest, featuring fun activities including a quiz, networking roulette, and an after-party.

The ceremony will see each of the category winners revealed, along with the 2021 Audience Award, based on voting by attendees, and the highly coveted Overall Winner title, for the category winner with the highest score.

Winners 2021

We believe our colleagues are brilliant at what they do; they make it their personal responsibility to make things as easy as possible for customers. This nomination shows that all their hard work is paying off, and is being recognised.

Lee Robinson, Customer Service Director, Baxi Customer Support

Ethical Awards

The International Digital Experience Awards™ is Ethical Awards Scheme-Accredited by the Independent Awards Standards Council.

At Awards International, we are proud to have received the “Outstanding” Gold Trust Mark for all our awards programmes in 2021.

We strive to ensure our awards are the fairest anywhere in the world.

All our judges have completed a thorough application process to join the panel, and we ensure only the most suitable candidates are selected to score your entries.

There are at least five judges per category and each entry is scored at least ten times, for an average of 7.5 hours.

The judges’ independence guarantees rigour, and the time they dedicate to carefully assess each entry ensures the quality of their decisions.

Our unique proprietary software ensures we have complete visibility of the process and full traceability for quality control.

Meet the Judges


Participation in the DXA® carries a number of great networking opportunities.

At the final on March 9th and the awards ceremony on March 9th, hundreds of finalists, judges and other delegates will have the opportunity to connect and network in breakout rooms through our exclusive Awards Manager™ app.

You can swipe through profiles and match with fellow professionals to arrange discussions.

Judges and finalists also have the opportunity to join The Judge Club (TJC), Awards International’s exclusive global networking organisation for business.

The finals are where our common interest in winning awards and our positive attitude meet our desire to collaborate and learn.

TJC aims to promote the professional growth of members through sharing best practice. It holds regular meetings for members to gather digitally and enjoy workshops, webinars and other exclusive features.

Networking meetings in 2021

A series of online networking meetings will be held even before the DXA® finals.

These include a meeting for all those interested in entering the awards, along with further networking meetings exclusively for entrants, judges and guests.

  • APR 15

    DXA® Networking Meeting – open to all

  • SEP 27

    Exclusive Networking Meeting

Winners 2021

Sponsors and Partners

Be a part of an event that many of the participants will remember for the rest of their career.

The Digital Experience Awards is a fantastic opportunity for organisations to align themselves with the world’s most innovative and inspirational pioneers in digital technology.

Our variety of Sponsor and Partner packages are tailored to suit companies of all shapes and sizes.

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